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Re-Stickable Frames:

4 Bingkai
Rp. 600.000
Rp. 349.000
8 Bingkai
Rp. 1.200.000
Rp. 599.000
16 Bingkai
Rp. 2.400.000
Rp. 999.000
24 Bingkai
Rp. 3.600.000
Rp. 1.449.000

Polafame Foto

10 Polafame + Wall Kit
  • 10 Foto Polafame
  • 10 Jepitan
  • 1 Tali (4m)
  • 4 Kubus Dinding
Rp. 149.000
20 Polafame + Wall Kit
  • 20 Foto Polafame
  • 20 Jepitan
  • 1 Tali (8m)
  • 8 Kubus Dinding
Rp. 249.000
30 Polafame + Wall Kit
  • 30 Foto Polafame
  • 30 Jepitan
  • 1 Tali (12m)
  • 10 Kubus Dinding
Rp. 299.000
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thank you @thisiswallfame the memories of my life journey, perfectly immortalized in frames.

Sem Muntce Karlo

Memories will remain forever thanks to @thisiswallfame


Wallfame is perfect for decorating your home and room, looks aesthetically pleasing and minimalism and you don't need wall nails!


I am so happy with Wallfame! Very cool brand with high quality photos!

Fia Bunova

Wallfame is really cool and easy! not wasting time and the result is worth the price! Help my room more colorful ! ❤︎

Gaby Sharon

Thanks Wallfame! This is super cute! I love the quality of the pictures.

Shinta Paramitha

I love how easy it is to stick and re-stick the frames! Thank You!


It’s just as easy as editing your photos on the phone, but instead they come to your door, all framed, and ready to stick. Thank you WallFame for making memories on my wall❤️

Andini Putranti

Wallfame membuat semua jadi gampang dan mudah. Hasilnya Juga sangat bagus. Membuat ruangan jadi lebih Menarik

Ricky Mena